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Health Benefits Network Scam

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Pharmacy discount card?

My mother sent pharmacy discount cards without benefit of the health network. Its Web address is I checked, but I do not know yet. So what do you think, legal or scam?

The site says: "The discounts vary and can range between 0% and 75%. This means you will not save more than 75% and could not save anything. Moreover, even if not "save" 75%, which is 75% off on some "list" price or the price arbitrarily high "suggested", 75% discount on what is paid without the card. I think they're saying the truth when they say they will not save more than 75% and I think telling the truth when they say they could not save anything. Since the only thing I promise you will not save more than 75% I think you can be sure they will do what they promise. If you save anything, did what they promised. If you save 0.0001%, did what they promised. And if you save 74.9999% they did what they promised. Remember, what you pay for is a guarantee to ensure you never save over 75%. No guarantee to save anything. Establish just what of three things, or you will save 75% you'll save at least 75% or so that will save nothing. There is no guarantee that one of these there. Unless you keep more of 75% of what they have done what they paid to do, which was to prevent the saving of over 75%. So technically, this is not a scam. I do not know why you want to pay for something that says this will not save you money, but I'm sure it will not return to his word to take your money and save over 75% after having paid for not doing so. You can save anything, but it is a scam, that's what I told you I would.

Xango Scam – The Shocking Truth Revealed!

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